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SAG eligible
Ht: 5'8"    Hair: Red
Wt: 140    Eyes: Blue

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FILM / TV    
SUPAH NINJAS Stunt double - whip, fights Coordinator - Hiro Koda
TOP CHEF Stilts Bravo TV
1408 Surfer Dimension Films
MOON OVER CHINATOWN Zombie - fights Director - Tim Storms
TENACIOUS D - PICK OF DESTINY Circus/gymnast New Line Cinema
PEACE ON EARTH Stunts - running, low falls Director - Jennifer Jessum
MISS CASTAWAY Stunts - wire work Director - Brian Michael Stoller
THE HUNTED Lead - wire work, fights Coordinator - Robert Chapin
SOLDIER OF GOD Stunts - sword, spear fights Director - David Hogan
MIGHTY WIRE FLYING HERO Stunts - wire work, fights Coordinator - Tim Storms
CHINATOWN SUMMER NIGHTS Spring stilts, dancing Producer - Jason Nguyen
DISNEY CORPORATE Hooping, spring stilts Coordinator - Diane Halsted
THE DRAGON'S KEEP Featured Fight - sword Director - Susan Lammers
DUNGEONMASTER Featured Fight - sword, spear Director - Bruce Young
DUNGEONMASTER Featured Fight - whip, sword Director - Bruce Young
DUNGEONMASTER Featured Fight - staff, hand-to-hand Director - Bruce Young
SCOPE Dance flashmob, aerial lift Director-Patrick Garrigan
JUPITER IMAGES Circus/Yoga photo shoot Director - Alison Armstrong
BODYBOX Boxing Director - Michael Engle
INTERLUDE MAGAZINE Girls of Muscle Beach Director - Michael Villegas
HAWAII CHAIR Abdominal double for lead Demarco Casting
PICTURE ARTS Sports photo shoot Director - Alison Armstrong
CIRCUS - aerial tissue, chinese pole, partner acrobatics, spring stilts
FIGHTS - stage combat, sword, staff, hand-to-hand
FALLS - falls to 20'
GYMNASTICS - basic tumbling, high bar, mini-tramp, traveling rings
WIRE WORK - flying harness, pulling
MARTIAL ARTS - kickboxing, kali, kenpo, wushu
WEAPONS - double bullwhip, sword, staff, javelin
TRACK & FIELD - NCAA Division I Regionals - top 5 javelin, State finalist: 4x100 4x400 relays, triple jump
X-COUNTRY RUN - top 100 in Jr. Olympic National 5K Cross-Country Championships
ADDITIONAL - rope climb, surfing, snowboarding, inline skating, rock climbing, rapelling, waterskiing, kayaking